Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Digital Literacy week 9 Workbook


Rachel Gillies 2009 Otago Polytechnic

Your guest lecturer for this week will be Leigh Blackall Lecture: Free Software Workshop: More Blogging: uploading images, uploading video.

Self‐Directed: Write a post to your blog about FREE SOFTWARE as you understand it and list at least 5 software programmes and their functions. Find a video that discusses, showcases, or demonstrates the use of FREE SOFTWARE and upload this to your blog, with a short introduction. Upload to your blog a copy of all the images you have saved so far.
This week’s tasks should all be done in your blog which will act as your workbook for this week.
You may also like to use the space below to record some of the tasks before you post them to your blog.

What is FREE SOFTWARE? is software that can be used, studied, and modified without restriction, and which can be copied and redistributed in modified or unmodified form either without restriction, or with minimal restrictions only to ensure that further recipients can also do these things and that manufacturers of consumer-facing hardware allow user modifications to their hardware. Free software is available gratis (free of charge) in most cases.

5 x software programmes that are free and a quick description of each:
Wordpress : a free and open source blog publishing application
Blender : used for modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, water simulations, skinning, animating, and creating interactive 3D applications
Open Movie Editor : video editing programme to make movies
Audacity: a digital audio editor and recording application
GIMP is a free software raster graphics editor used to process digital photographs and other graphics

Where did you find a video about Free Software? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9fqlI9B6QU

Why did you choose it?
had good ratings

Explain how you uploaded it to you blog – (e.g. what are the steps?)

How I did this, go to google, search how to download youtube videos, selected http://www.downloadyoutubevideos.com/
pasted the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9fqlI9B6QU
which provided ability to download in .flv format. Also provided imbedding html code which I pasted into bloggers html. This embeds the video in the blog.

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